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The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)


Lolita, 1997

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Zoey of L4D!!
why you should buy a sippy cup



1. sippy cups are kawaii as fuq. it is a scientifically proven fact. just look at this shit.


2. no spills! knock your cup over onto your computer? no problem! it’s a sippy cup and it’s spill safe!


3. we could start a fad. it would be the cutest fad.

need i say more????


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Blaghhh I’m a terrible person, I’m so busy I can’t keep doing the 30 day nymphet challenge for the next few days O.O So I’m going to have to pick it back up next week! Sorry friends <3 This week has been so crazy between my birthday and moving and Awesome Con. Buuut I promise I will get back to your messages (and back on track with the 30 day challenge) very soon! Much love and thanks for your patience :)

Me as X-23 today at Awesome Con :D Yes I&#8217;m the one on the right but I was making a crazy face so just ignore that KTHXBAI. (My bf is Wolverine!)


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