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This blog: Nabokov, Lolita, nymphet fashion, DD/LG, age gap, pink, cute, photography, and lots of older men. I'm a forever nymphet with my 47 y/o Humbert. Very friendly, please say hello!

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Anonymous: Hai! Do you have a link to a good website so that I can watch Ripe 1996? Thanks! ^~^


I have only got a link to a low quality version here. :) 

sluttyniece said: It’s on netflix

Also it’s free on Amazon Prime if you have it!

card-one-the-magus: The "I think about you all the time" part translates as: "I'm crushing on you hard!" No charge for translation. ;)

Hehehe! ^_^ Thank you kind sir!

"It goes without saying between you and me, B, that I think about you all the time and miss you very much."







littlegirlinwaiting: Hey there! I'm really glad I found your tumblr through FL, I just wanted to say I love the piece you wrote about how you came into your nymphet self.

Aw thank you!!! :3 I’m really glad you liked it and found my blog too ^_^

*bounces off to perv your page*

duelingsuns: Happy birthday, doll!!! <3

Thank you so much darling! :D


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30 Day Nymphet Challenge: Day 1

What got you interested in nymphets? Describe how you became a nymphet and why you started a nymphet blog.

I can’t really say how I “became” a nymphet. I feel like I’ve always been one for as long as I can remember. :P I have memories of being a little girl in the theater (I acted from a very young age) and being totally infatuated with the man who played my “daddy” in the play. I made him presents, sat on his lap, joked with him…I think I was in love from the bottom of my little 8 year old heart. :)

As I grew older I was still always drawn to older men. I just found them more interesting, more attractive, and easier to get along with. I desperately yearned for and prized their attention. I didn’t get along with a lot of other kids my age, and I had zero interest in boys. 

It all became actualized, or cemented perhaps, when I was 12. I had the world’s largest crush on my teacher. I was absolutely, head over heals obsessed with him. To this day I really do believe he was my first love. It wasn’t a passing crush…I was in love with him from my first day in his class at 12 years old to the last time I hugged him and said goodbye at 18.

By this time my preferences were clear. I didn’t like boys; I liked men. But I knew that made me weird compared to all the other girls my age. I was already sort of a social outsider and a loner; this only made me feel more so. I wondered if I was the only girl in the world this way, and I felt terribly depressed and alone. (It didn’t help that compounded with my fantasies and obsessions with older men were certain unusual kinks, which made me feel completely isolated and like an unlovable freak). 

Around 16 or so, I discovered Lolita. I couldn’t believe it…say what you want about the book or its meaning, but I know what it means to me. It was in that book that I saw myself as a child, and realized for the very first time that I wasn’t the only one. I became totally entranced. I read it front to back, watched the films, spent hours googling and reading and finding everything I could about it. I even found a few picture on deviantart from some of the early Lolita girls, who I’m now friends with on fb! It was the first time I’d ever felt like I wasn’t a lone freak.

I was too shy at first though to join any sites. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I made my first account (at a fetish site, actually…) to try to find other people interested in Lolita. Not too much later I found tumblr and found that it had a much bigger, better, and more vibrant (and less porn-centric :P) community. And it’s been awesome ever since! ^_^ I’ve met sooo many cool, sweet, beautiful girls through here (as well as in groups on the various other sites… facebook, fetlife, etc). I’m so very happy to be part of this community now and share our common interests and obsessions and passions! :]


2. What is your favorite nymphet blog and why? Make sure to tag them!

I’ve sat with this question open for the good part of an hour! o(╥﹏╥)o

It’s such a difficult one!

I’m going to be a big cheat-a-saurus rex, and choose a couple. (´⊙ω⊙`)!

Awww yay! Thank you darling!!! :3 I must do this challenge!


1. What got you interested in nymphets? Describe how you became a nymphet and why you started a nymphet blog.

2. What is your favorite nymphet blog and why? Make sure to tag them!

3. What is your favorite nymphet film and why?

4. Who is your favorite nymphet and why?

5. From any nymphet film,…

Oh fun fun fun! :D