Look at this tangle of thorns.
This blog: Nabokov, Lolita, nymphet fashion, DD/LG, age gap, pink, cute, photography, and lots of older men. I'm a forever nymphet with my 47 y/o Humbert. Very friendly, please say hello!


“‘nymphet’ glorifies child abuse”, hunty please. There is no one here that wants to advocate pedophilia, rape, incest, etc. We simply enjoy child-like things and generally have a taste for older men. Do I need to sit down and explain why? I feel like it doesn’t take very many brain cells to put…

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lmao my mum taking dumbest photos of me




Lotus Floral Top & Skirt Set

, Lotus!!!!!

Omg. Cuteeee.~ Too bad the set all together is like, 100 bucks D:


Recently members of the nymphet community have left, and things have slowed down. Our themed submissions idea didn’t go exactly as planned, and since then we haven’t been quite as active. We are working on coming up with ideas to bring the community closer and make everyone feel more confident…


nymphetvmine, comelyprincess, dulcetdolly, dainty-nymphet, and myself have created a blog and network dedicated to bringing the nymphet community closer together.

On the Nymphet Central main blog, you can find anything nymphet related. We currently…


I’m insane, what about you? xx


Authentic French pharmacy jar for the storage of pharmaceutical Morphine. The jar is fine white French porcelain from the famous porcelain producing town of Limoges.
" My dad thought ‘Cola’ was funny. My mom didn’t think it was that funny "
- Lana Del Rey about her song ” Cola “ (via dalai-lana)

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